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DID YOU KNOW? If you are still unvaxxed: YOU survived the biggest psyop in human history! They elaborated this evil plan for decades. Do you realize how much time, resources and effort they put into this? They studied all the possible ways to enslave your mind and make you take the vaxx. They tried to demoralize you by corrupting society from every possible corner. They tried to vilify and sensitize your mind with porn. They tried to lure you with money, gifts and rewards. They tried to confuse you and make you doubt your own reality and identity. They tried to make you walk on your own principles, values and ethics. They even turned your family and close friends against you. Almost everyone fell for it. Almost all of them cucked in. But not YOU. You realize how much silly, nonsensical, way too illogical, bunch of crap you went through and overcame. You never cucked. You are still unvaxxed. you are still of pure blood. You will still be standing 2 years from now if you don't end up in a Gulag. Their tricks didn't work on you. So, to all the unvaxxed, I say "Cheers Gentlemen". Stay based

-intel provided by Steve Parezo

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