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How will we protect ourselves when this is at our front door?

How many UN Enforcers are trained and ready to attack innocent unarmed people?

Communists plans don't work unless they have Enforcers. Who are the enforcers when our brainwashed neighbors/family/loved ones, the police, medical professionals, and our military join We The People? When we all get on the same page and begin to fight back.

Obviously the mafia that is stealing elections and using genocide and weapons against us is not going to play fair.

Tell me... what are we going to do when this is at our front door? When they want to enforce their new rules and steal our money and food and land and change all our laws and rules?

We need a new way to fight back as protests are not going to work against this evil that is willing to maim injure kill steal from and lie to innocent people. They have technology, weapons, and an army against us.. not to mention chemtrails, controlled weather, 5G, bioweapons.. etc

We have to fight smarter. We need new defense tactics. We need to stop being so predictable. We need to catch them off guard. We need plans that aren't advertised and open to public.

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