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Hunter Bidens Baby Mama and X testify to Federal Investigators

Investigators are probing his "possible" corrupt financial dealings with Ukraine and China as well as tax crimes. There are extortion concerns based on his transactions.

Lunden Robert's, mother of Biden's child, testified as well as Zoe Kastan, a former girlfriend.

From the journal article listed in the link below:

"Republicans in Congress have vowed to investigate Biden if they gain control of either or both chambers of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections. One aspect would be probing how social media firms blocked access to stories about emails from a laptop purportedly belonging to Biden just before the 2020 election."

It's so stressful and sad that our systems are so corrupt and broken that we don't have transparency or justice in these ugly horrifying times. It's up to We The People to fight to make all these systems function in healthy ways and if that's not possible then we create new systems and especially especially to hold those accountable who have been traumatizing us all with their traitor actions and terrorist activities. We are being held hostage in the United States, our country being run by terrorists! We have been infiltrated and taken over by TERRORISTS! And a frustrating majority of the people who live here have no fuggin idea and are clueless. But we love them and will fight for them and do all we can to save them even though we are plagued by the fact they are mind controlled and literally are not capable and have the inability to listen to reason and truth and aren't hearing God's call to action. Pray for truth to be revealed to all those being manipulated and deceived. We have to keep going. We have to keep trying. We have to do all we can. It only feels like we aren't making an impact. That's an illusion. Every action we take makes a HUGE impact. Don't be deceived. You matter. Your actions are helping more than you realize. Chin up patriots. Keep going. One foot in front of the other we will succeed and are succeeding.

Read the article on Epoch Times:

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