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Literal "Call" to action! STOP this Bill!

Dems Sink to New Low to Subvert Elections, Sneak Election Fraud Enshrinement Legislation Into NASA Bill to Bypass Filibuster

In a tweet last Thursday, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) warned that Dems have inserted their election federalization legislation into a gutted NASA bill as a way to get around the 60-vote Senate filibuster. She writes:

“Democrats know they can't pass their radical voting rights bills on their own merit, so now they're disguising them as a NASA-related bill. This is just their latest scheme to pass universal mail-in ballots, same-day registration & use $1.2 billion to fund their campaigns.”

Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) sounded the alarm in a separate video, the Dems “took 2 dangerous bills, HR1 and HR4 and created a love child… and tucked all of this egregious language into the NASA bill.”

What’s in the bill? Everything the Dems need to stay in power forever. The legislation:

We need every Republican senator and at least 1 Dem senator to vote No!

‼️What can you do? Call your 2 state senators and tell them to vote No on the NASA ‘voting rights’ bill and to uphold the filibuster. Let them know that you’d like a response. In addition, petition these 4 Dems who are undecided about election federalization to vote No:

Joe Manchin (WV)

Kyrsten Sinema (AZ)

Mark Kelly (AZ)

Jon Tester (MT)

Contact Information:

☎️ Senate Phone Numbers

📧 Senate Emails

Sources🔎 Rep. Malliotakis, Rep. Cammack, Rep. Owens, Jesse Watters

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