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President of Ghana exposes satanic plans on National TV!!

Have you heard this? From the President of Ghana yesterday?

EXPOSED : Ghana, Africa That Awkward Moment when the PRESIDENT OF GHANA goes on NATIONAL TV in Ghana .....and then proceeds to tell the Entire country about the SATANIC Rockefeller plan to put out a Virus for GLOBAL Depopulation and to destroy the Global Economy ...and WHERE TO FIND ALL THE PROOF ..... And then discloses to the country where the VIRUS was developed , The Fauci and Gates Involvement in the Satanic Agenda ...and much much more ... And then tells Ghana that he is going to END ALL VACCINATIONS .... WOW, WOW , WOW , WOW 🔥🔥🔥 You want to know a REAL LEADER who is NOT on the DEEP STATE PAYROLL Have a Listen to this and PASS IT AROUND THE WORLD IMAGINE IF ALL LEADERS OF THE WORLD TOOK THIS STANCE Have a Listen to this and be prepared to be ...”Blown Away !”💥💥💥

- Courtesy of John B Wells and Caravan to Midnight -

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