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Secure Internet

This is to remind you to keep your internet, network and devices secure!

With the upcoming Cyber Polygon "exercise" we never know what they'll throw at us, so it's important to have a few safety guards to make sure you're not caught in the middle of an attack.

Here are some tools that can help you stay secure and add a little privacy to your digital identity.

And Don't forget to keep your most important Data Backed up to offline storage.

I hope these tips help, comment yours, much love!



- NordVPN

- ProtonVPN + ProtonMail

- Surfshark

Malware + Antivirus Protection:

- Immunet (Free) [Can run alongside with Microsoft Security Essentials]

- Kasperky (Ideal for maximum security with advanced tinkering)

- Bitdefender (Ideal for most, a set & forget type of software)

- ESET (Mid-Advance users, perfect settings out of the box)

- MalwareBytes (Get full service during free trial, also a set & forget software)

Password Manager:

- Bitwarden (Free & Open Source)

2 Factor Authentication:

- 2FAS (iOS & Android)

Google Photos Alternatives:

Stingle (Open Source, Encrypt your photos) [Currently android only, iOS out soon]

Ente (encrypted backups for your photos, videos and memories) (Android, iOS & Web)

Google Maps Alternatives:

- OsmAnd

- OpenStreetMap

Weather App Alternatives:

- OpenWeather (Most accurate & privacy focused weather app)

Desktop Browsers:

- UnGoogled Chromium (Moderate-Advanced Users) [Install Extensions Support from Chrome Store]

- Brave Browser (Ideal for most users)

- Firefox (Need to use with hardening guide) [Guide to harden Firefox] [2nd Guide]

- LibreWolf (Fork of Firefox with the harden settings by default) [Pick your browser with the link]

- Tor (High privacy and anonymity)

Mobile Browsers:

- Firefox iOS (Best choice for iOS as it's the closest to Safari in terms of speed& Stability) [Must enable strict for Tracking Protection)

- Brave iOS (Better ad blocking than Firefox)

- Tor for iOS (High privacy and Anonymity)

- Bromite for Android (Built in ad-blocker) [Scroll to the bottom of the site and click download]

- Firefox for Android (Has add-ons for ad blocker)

Search Engines:

- Brave Search (New Search Engine uses own index)

- DuckDuckGo (Don't use any more. They went full Marxist).

- StartPage (Search Privately, uses Google index)

- Searx (Search private and anonymously, mainly uses google index)

- Searx Advanced (Searx Instances you can choose from)

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