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The People affected by the flooding in Australia say:

( Copied & pasted) Pls share everywhere & let Australians know what is really happening in Aust Flood Regions….

I am reposting this message so hopefully someone will pass it on and mobilize a vast emergency response. Australia you need to do this as the politicians not only created this ‘emergency ‘ but are deliberately not sending assistance as they have their own agendas that do not include assisting the people of this region- if they did they would already have swung into action.

This is the worst flood in Australian history and the locals need support on the ground as they are exhausted and traumatized from shouldering the responsibilities that emergency services would normally do.

It is time to put aside the artificial divisions that have been engineered by the poisonous politicians and media over the last 2 years now is the bloody time.

Australians you are needed now, not just your money but also you physical presence and strength.

Things are very grim right now and you can make a massive difference in a very real way.

Come together and get to it. Cause the corporate parasites aren’t interested.

This post is from a local. Please share it and get the word out.

Posted @withregram • @thebroadplace I’ve had a tonne of people asking for a post they can share it. THANK YOU. We are in the Northern Rivers area of Mullumbimby - Wilsons Creek - Main Arm - Burringbar - South Golden (there are so many more areas) but we have no phone reception, and there are elderly, pregnant, disabled, mothers of tiny babies stranded. Bridges are down, roads have been swept away in landslides. People are lost and missing. Cars destroyed by floods are leaking fuel into sewerage all over the streets. We need help. We are running out of drinking water, and Mullum for example has none as the plant flooded. Army, defence force, police where are you?? Media how can you not be covering this? Regular citizen are winching themselves down bridges and over landslides to save people. People are packing back packs and attempting to hike their way to food and water. We the flood damaged with our own houses destroyed are feeding, housing, and cleaning the houses of those in need. Ripping out carpet covered in mud and burst toilets and tearing down walls. They have had mud and sewerage reach head high. Disabled elderly cannot access medication, and have no phones. They can’t contact their kids and are breaking down in tears of despair. There is little internet. We are on the ground deploying and organizing it ourselves, it’s insane. This region needs professional help. Trucks, armies of 4WD, medical supplies, water, people who can physically scale sliding mud, helicopters. We need councelors, therapists, doctors, and nurses to help out. Oh and we are running out of fresh food and fuel! Everyone I saw today has been cooking up a storm to feed others and giving away what they need themselves. It’s a wide spanning region, we can only cover so much and everyone is brave, but also exhausted and pretty fritzed at this stage. There are churches, halls, civic and community centers everywhere that you can reach out to. And if you know media or politicians TELL THEM PLEASE TO HELP.

You can help by contacting Raquel at @Raq5D . She’s one of the flood victims and knows people who needs assistance.

This is Australia.

Local people in boats helping their mates in the floods, with only 1 Police Car, No Australian Defense Force Personal, No Police Boats, No Police Helicopter and the useless LameStreamMedia is silent.

Meanwhile in 2021 there are non stop Police Helicopter operations flying over beaches and neighbourhoods to ensure lockdown compliance and Australian Defense Force and Police walking the streets to ensure lockdown and mask compliance and the media hype to ensure lockdowns and mask compliance was 24/7.

Of course the PayPal link isn't working.. because PayPal is corrupt AF.. they must not have been watching the Canada Trucker fiasco!

Video might not stay up long with true comments like this.. (YouTube just deletes videos and comments they don't like)

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