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The REAL conspiracy about Bats and Covid!


If you haven't seen Anthropologist Brother Bugnolo videos before, you're in for a real treat. They are short and to the point. Do yourself a favour and bookmark his website page.

Murder, elections, the change in their game plan and more.

Here are his latest..

Watch this one 1st:

Watch this one 2nd:

Watch this one 3rd:

Bugnolo & Zelenko. Long, very interesting video:

Br Bugnolo refers to this in his notes (may be difficult to hear):

After watching this, I'm reminded by what Riccardo Bosi said about just hold tight through December. I'm curious what he's going to say next (both of them) and at what stage Alex Jones & Mike Adams will weigh in on this. I'm saying this because I consider that all 4 of them are ahead of the curve when it comes to information...๐Ÿค”

If we only find out what we're meant to find out (& I do believe that's true), I wonder when and if we'll ever uncover the real hate bones truth - or does it even matter. Many ppl have turned towards faith in whomever they consider to be the Creator - maybe that's a good thing.

Remember, this is an internal war as well as an external war. Please remember to get some objective counselling if and when you need it.

I was reminded by a source yesterday to never trust any speakers' words 100%.


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