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Want to make a difference warrior? Do this immediately:

..every single communication method you can think of:

to let Richard Pass know what we think of the new rule to kick kids out of Ronald McDonald house if they are not vaccinated.

Write a letter, send a card, print out "pretty" memes for the office lawn, send dead flowers (is this a business? It should be), comment on her article, add her as a friend on social media and let her know what you think, empty sign need a billboard picture?.. get creative with how you communicate ..

Doesn't he look nice??!! 😠

THIS IS HOW WE FIGHT THIS INSANITY! We speak to insanity as it is happening. We confront this evil at the source. We aim our voice at who needs to hear it. We see an injustice, we go after that specific injustice every single day, every single injustice, we can send our help. It can be simple. But these people causing these injustices need to know we are paying attention and that we aren't going to sit quiet. They need to hear from us. Do you have a stamp? When you lay down for bed and begin your prayer to the Good Lord above .. take a second and write out a little prayer to send in the mail too. Mail a prayer with me my fellow warrior earth angel. Bless you. God will do the rest.

Please share this post. If this is a numbers game then you are a number that adds to the side of the good and we can multiply our prayer punch! 🙏 👊

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