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Mar 16, 2022
In General Discussion
COVID now ruthless ruler Such “unstoppable” disease Not because it’s so deadly But because we are on knees We allowed politicians Take our liberties away Never mind the Constitution They decide how rules should sway They are forcing vaccine mandates Masks inside and outside They can bring you to submission When you want to not abide You can easily get fired Lose your income and respect You will not get unemployment Over COVID rules neglect Nurses, doctors, first responders Getting fired, forced to quit They are true pandemic heroes Who on earth allows it? Politicians, don’t be greedy People’s lives you playing with Just protect the few who needs it Let the rest of us to breathe Kids deprived of education Distance learning such a joke Not to mention many teachers Going completely woke This disease for younger people Is less deadly than the flu Why they forcing vaccinations Nobody has a clue Side effects for healthy people Are much worse than the disease This should greatly be considered Not the CDC’s caprice Big Tech blocking information Google, Twitter and Facebook They deciding your perception Giants are the biggest crook Whole economy is down Businesses are gone for good Many people scared and silent Many in depressive mood Normal people, don’t be silent Be adults with common sense Please protect your children’s future Their health is on the fence Don’t lose our great country COVID shouldn’t kill the world We have shots and medications COVID scare is getting old Look at Florida and Texas That’s the way to handle it Tell your governors to listen Open up your states or quit This is not about parties For your children and your wife Make your voices heard aloud To restore the normal life
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